Kill or Capture

Kill or Capture coverKill or Capture is the electrifying true story of the pursuit for the man behind al Qaeda’s suicide bombing campaign in Iraq. It is a true-life thriller that tells the story of senior military interrogator Matthew Alexander‘s adrenaline-filled, “outside the wire” pursuit of a notorious Syrian mass murderer named Zafar — the leader of al Qaeda in northern Iraq — a killer with the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands. In a breathless thirty-day period, Alexander and a small Special Operations task force brave the hazards of the Iraqi insurgency to conduct dangerous kill-or-capture missions and hunt down a murderer. Kill or Capture immerses readers in the dangerous world of battlefield interrogations as the author and his team climb the ladder of al Qaeda leadership in a series of raids, braving roadside bombs, near death by electrocution and circles within circles of lies. (St. Martin’s Press)