Build a Green Small Business

Build a Green Small Business coverFrom organic groceries to fuel-efficient cars and toxicity-free dry cleaning, the opportunities to profit from a business that builds local communities, heals the environment, and feeds the growing green demand are almost endless. As an entrepreneur who has built several successful, eco-friendly businesses, Scott Cooney gives you expert advice and guidance on starting, building, and growing a green business–and then delivers a gold mine of business ideas for every kind of product and service. Build a Green Small Business:┬áProfitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur also gives you: Green Entrepreneur Rules that will get you started on the right foot, marketing, advertising and networking techniques that build a loyal customer base, and lots of other valuable resources, including green franchises, contacts and web links for more information. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran business developer, Scott points the way to productivity and profit strategies you can build into any small business model. (McGraw-Hill)