American Nightingale

American Nightingale CoverAmerican Nightingale: The True Story of Frances Slanger, the Forgotten Heroine of Normandy, by Bob Welch is the heart-wrenching and inspirational story of the first American nurse to die after the WWII landings at Normandy. Hampton Sides, author of Ghost Soldiers and Americana, says “Through indefatigable research and a nearly obsessive quest to inhabit a great moment in time, Bob Welch achieves something rare among works of military history: He brings one person, a single extraordinary person, to vivid life upon the page. Read American Nightingale, and you’ll never think of D-Day in the same way again.” James Bradley, best-selling author of Flags of Our Fathers and Flyboys, says “Bob Welch has done the country a service by recalling Frances Slanger’s story… enrich your life and read this touching story.” (Atria Books/Simon & Schuster)