Draw to Win

Draw to Win Thousands of years ago, early humans had an innate need to communicate, but no written language. So they found an easy and natural way to share their thoughts and stories: pictures. Today, after so many years when speaking and writing grew dominant, we’re back in another highly visual age. About 90 percent of everything shared online is now visual – selfies, GIFs, smartphone videos, and more. To survive and thrive in this new visual era, it’s important to harness the power of imagery. You don’t need to be Leonardo da Vinci to be an outstanding visual thinker and communicator. The most effective drawings are the simplest, and you can get good at those in three minutes. In this clear, powerful little book, Draw to Win, international bestselling visual thinking guru Dan Roam teaches you how to use seven basic shapes to explain just about anything to just about anyone. Get ready to work smarter, communicate more clearly, and get better at whatever you do, just by picking up a pen.


Dictionary Stories

Jez BurrowsDesigner, illustrator, and creator of, Jez Burrows’ Dictionary Stories, a touching, charming illustrated collection of very very short stories (love, horror, noir, and more) composed entirely with example sentences from various dictionaries, to Hannah Robinson at Harper Perennial.