Finding Fibonacci

Keith DevlinStanford mathematician and NPR’s “Math Guy,” Keith Devlin‘s Finding Fibonacci, telling the tale of his ten-year detective project to uncover and present the life story (in his previous book The Man of Numbers) of medieval mathematician Leonardo of Pisa (popularly known today as Fibonacci), whose 1202 book ‘Liber abbaci‘ quite literally changed the world, and the parallels with Devlin’s own passion to make the tools of mathematics accessible to ordinary people, to Vickie Kearn at Princeton University Press, on an exclusive submission.


High Velocity Hiring

Scott WintripLeader of the emerging on-demand hiring movement, and recruiting consultant to major enterprises including Bank of America, Boeing, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, and Wells Fargo, Scott Wintrip’s High Velocity Hiring, presenting his innovative, proven methodology that is fundamentally changing the way recruiting is done, offering business leaders in any organization a proven, actionable program to identify, cultivate, and hire the very best candidates to fill key jobs the instant they open, to Donya Dickerson at McGraw-Hill.


The Hustle Economy

The Hustle EconomyTo survive in today’s gig economy, you have to be a mover, a shaker, a doer, and a maker. The Hustle Economy presents 25 essays from founders, writers, producers, game makers, artists, and creative types from every path who share one common trait — they are all self-made hustlers who have succeeded at turning their creativity into careers. This collection, created by I Love Charts creator and producer Jason Oberholtzer and illustrated by Jessica Hagy, cartoonist and author of Indexed, How to be Interesting and The Art of War Visualized, includes inspiring and insightftul essays from:
– Producer and performer Mike Rugnetta on why “Do what you love” is both the best and worst piece of advice you’ll ever receive.
– Author, television writer, and humorist Emma Koenig on staying focused and productive no matter what life throws at you.
– Web comic Zach Weinersmith on the equation for success and using your creativity to do what the rest of us won’t.
– Trendspotter Jess Kimball Leslie on identifying your skills and turning it into a successful career.
– and many more

The Work of Art

The Work of Art: Shawn Feeney

Shawn FeeneyTWOA logoA conversation with visual and sound artist Shawn Feeney about building a creative community in small towns and large cities, working with crime victims as a forensic artist, how his pumpkin carvings landed him a gig on a reality TV show, the relative benefits of attending art school versus learning on the job, and much more.

Shawn earned his BA in Music from Harvard and his MFA in Intermedia from the University of Auckland, and also holds Certificates in Forensic Facial Imaging from the FBI Academy. As a visual artist he has worked at Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic and for the Suffolk County police department in New York. As a musician he has composed for the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge Mass, and toured as bassist with Regina Spektor. His work has been presented at MOMA in New York, the De Young Museum in San Francisco, and many other institutions around the world.

Listen to the full interview:


(Recorded April 3, 2016)

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