Dallas Morning News, June 2008

How To Get Your Book Published: Writing a book proposal

Dallas Morning News, June 24, 2008

All those daunting numbers probably made it seem as if your odds of becoming a published author are only slightly more likely than your odds of seeing the 1,000,000,000 Euro Lottery Winnings promised you by that guy in Nigeria.

What’s a would-be writer to do?


Publishing Trends, June 2008

California Love: Agents Don’t Need to Live in NYC. They’ve Got E-mail (and Great Weather)

Publishing Trends, June 1, 2008

by Laura Hazard Owen

Ah, the life of a California literary agent. Client meetings on the terrace overlooking the cliffs, the sound of aquamarine waves crashing on sparkling white sand as a lovely soundtrack to the discussion of character development. Later on, a quick spin in the cute red hybrid convertible over to a movie studio or five, promising manuscripts optioned, big sunglasses worn throughout. All in an afternoon’s work.

That’s just what it’s right, like? No? Well. We must have been watching too many old OC episodes. Better talk to some real California agents (and one from Seattle!).