Cool Cuisine

Chef Laura Stec and San Jose State University meteorology professor Eugene Cordero Ph.D.’s Cool Cuisine: Taking The Bite Out of Global Warming, mixing scientific fact and culinary art to help home cooks make smart food choices in key areas that effect climate change, in a pre-empt to Gibbs Smith at Gibbs Smith Publishers.

Blank Spots on the Map

Trevor PaglenGeographer and artist Trevor Paglen‘s Blank Spots on the Map: State Secrets, Hidden Landscapes, and the Pentagon’s Black World, a globe trotting investigation of the Black Empire of secrecy run by the U.S. military, other agencies and private companies, tracing its growth from the Manhattan Project through the current War on Terror, interviewing people inside these blank patches of Google Earth, and showing how it threatens the democracy it purports to defend, in a pre-empt to Stephen Morrow at Dutton/Penguin.