Marketplace, November 2006

Pynchon book will sell itself

Marketplace, ‚ÄčNovember 20, 2006

by Lisa Napoli

[CORRECTION: Thomas Pynchon was incorrectly cited as a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist in this story. He was recommended for a Pulitzer in 1974 for his book “Gravity’s Rainbow,” but did not win.]


SCOTT JAGOW: Tomorrow, novelist Thomas Pynchon comes out with his first book in nine years. Pynchon is famously media shy. Lisa Napoli has more.

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The No S Diet

Reinhard Engels’ The No S Diet:¬†The Strikingly Simple Weight-Loss Strategy That Has Dieters Raving–and Dropping Pounds, written with Ben Kallen, presenting his folksy, practical and effective new weight loss method, in a pre-empt to Marian Lizzi at Perigee/Penguin.