San Francisco Chronicle, December 2005

MIND YOUR BUSINESS / Getting your book out takes more than just finding a publisher

San Francisco Chronicle, December 28, 2005

by Ilana DeBare

Q: I am nearly done writing a self-help book about personal health, and I would like to get it published and sold. What is the best way to proceed from here? Should I self-publish and distribute on the Internet or try to find an agent or publishing house?

— Aspiring Author


SFist Interview, December 2005

The SFist Interview: Ted Weinstein

Most parents aren’t exactly proud when their child announces that he or she works on adult media. Ted Weinstein has navigated this difficult territory time and time again. True, the pronouncement is doubtlessly made easier because he works in adult non-fiction literature. SFist has long been obsessed with the literati and the glitterati. Since we struggle gaining access to them, we are proud to bring you the next best thing—their agent. Ted Weinstein is a fierce proponent of the Bay Area’s literature scene. He is also good at getting the authors he represents to finish their manuscripts. His methods are a trade secret, but let’s just say both carrots and sticks are used. And he was kind enough to submit to an SFist interview.

You are described (by yourself among others) as “one of SF’s best, coolest, funniest lit’ry agents”…why would they say this?
Because I pay them. The current administration has demonstrated how important it is to fund good stories about oneself in the media…

Is it true?
Welllll, I do think I have the best job in the world and it was a good fit as soon as I started – I work with all these talented authors writing books about all kinds of fascinating topics. One of my roles is to keep them adequately supplied with caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, or whatever else it takes so they can actually finish their books. We seem to have fun together along the journey.