American Chestnut

Susan FreinkelScience journalist Susan Freinkel’s American Chestnut: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Perfect Tree, examining the questions “What happens when a species vanishes? Once gone, can it be brought back?” and showing how the death and potential rebirth of this once grand tree continues to reflect, as well as shape, our relationship to nature, to Blake Edgar at University of California Press.


Eczema-Free for Life

Eczema Free for Life Cover

Rid yourself of eczema forever. Eczema-Free for Life, by dermatologist Adnan Nasir, M.D. Ph.D. and journalist Priscilla Burgess, is the only comprehensive, up-to-date medical guide for eczema sufferes and their families, reflecting the latest research on eczema’s underlying genetic causes, debunking myths such as the effect of diet on the malady, and offering new techniques to fight the condition. Based on new research, this book has everything the millions of eczema sufferers need to know to free themselves from unbearable itching and unsightly rashes. Dr. Nasir offers guidance for home care and ways to cope with the psychological impact of the disorder. None of the popular books about eczema currently on the market is written by a practicing dermatologist and none is based on up–to–date science. New research has conclusively demonstrated that eczema is the result of the abnormal development of some twenty genes responsible for controlling how the skin interacts with the environment. Dr. Nasir will explain new and more powerful treatments that are being developed based on these new discoveries as well as point out reliable holistic remedies that have worked for centuries. (HarperCollins)