One-Letter Words: A Dictionary

Craig ConleyLinguist Craig Conley’s One-Letter Words: A Dictionary, a surprising and fascinating compendium of 1,000+ definitions of the 26 letters of the alphabet and an essential desk companion for puzzle lovers, wordsmiths, trivia buffs, know-it-alls, armchair linguists and all kinds of word lovers, in an aggressive pre-empt to Alison Callahan at HarperCollins.


Looking Forward to It

Looking Forward to It Cover“I was 28 years old when I voted for the first time. I dropped the ball and now it’s come to this,” begins Stephen Elliott in Looking Forward to It: Or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the American Electoral Process. From crashing campaign parties to clashing with seasoned journalists, Steve offers uncommon — and often hilarious — insight into the 2004 presidential election. Dave Eggers says Looking Forward to It is “Savvy, loose, very funny and — truly — full of rare insights.” (Picador USA)


Absolute Write, September 2004

Absolute Write Interview

Interview with Ted Weinstein by Jenna Glatzer

Ted Weinstein is a San Francisco literary agent with broad experience on both the business and editorial sides of publishing. Also a widely-published author, Ted has been the music critic for NPR’s All Things Considered and a commentator for the San Francisco Chronicle, Bay Guardian, SF Weekly and Might Magazine.

Why did you decide to become a literary agent?