The Dynamite Fiend

Ann LarabeeMichigan State American Studies professor and author of Decade of Disaster Ann Larabee Ph.D’s The Dynamite Fiend: The Chilling Tale of a Confederate Spy, Con Artist, and Mass Murderer, a historical true crime story about a former Confederate secret service agent who later went on to terrorize the Atlantic shipping lanes and caused one of the bloodiest catastrophes of the nineteenth century, to Brendan O’Malley at Palgrave/St. Martin’s Press (U.S.) and Dan Soucoup at Nimbus (Canada).


Boston Globe, January 2004

Books are back, and their pages are filled with politics, biography, and history

Boston Globe, 1/1/2004

By David Mehegan, Globe Staff

Like a battleship, book publishing doesn’t turn on a dime, so the old year’s trends don’t usually determine a new year’s books. However, conversations with literary agents, who are always trying to sniff out what publishers want, turn up a few trends in publishing that may affect our reading in 2004 and beyond.