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Ted Weinstein Literary Management is a leading U.S. literary agency, working with a wide range of authors of adult nonfiction.

The agency's clients include journalists, academics, enthusiasts and other expert authors. We offer a full-service approach to working with our clients, helping them identify and take advantage of the full range of opportunities - across many different media - that their insights and talents can bring them. With our deep expertise in all aspects of the publishing process and our extensive network of subsidiary rights agents overseas and in Hollywood, we help talented authors build long term careers.

We are particularly interested in representing authors of journalism and narrative nonfiction, popular science, business and personal finance, biography and history, current affairs and politics, health and fitness, food and cooking, entertainment and pop culture (often based on popular Web sites or blogs), and quirky reference books. We do NOT represent fiction, stage plays, screenplays, poetry, or books for children or young adults.

We invite you to explore our site, which includes information about the agency, recent deals, clients' books, and other resources to help you understand and succeed in the publishing business.

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Recent Sales

Economic historian and author of The Great A&P and The Box, Marc Levinson's The Year It All Went South, examining the many global trend lines that shifted in the early 1970s and how those shifts reverberate well into the present day, at auction in a good deal, to Basic Books.

Stanford health psychologist, TED Global speaker, and international bestselling author of The Willpower Instinct, Kelly McGonigal Ph.D.'s The Upside of Stress, teaching how mastering and using stress is actually the key to our well-being, in a major deal, again to Avery.

Austin Center for Design Director Jon Kolko's Great Products By Design, demonstrating his proven method for using design thinking to guide the entire product strategy process and create powerful, emotionally resonant offerings, at auction in a very nice deal, to Harvard Business Review Press.

More recent sales...

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