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Building on the success of publishing fellowships at the Jerusalem and Frankfurt Book Fairs, a leading American publisher and literary agency today announced the creation of the "BookExpo Publishing Fellowship." Melville House Publishing (www.mhpbooks.com) and Ted Weinstein Literary Management (www.twliterary.com/fellowship) are co-sponsoring the fellowship to give editors and agents from around the world an in-depth look at New York's rich literary history and modern publishing industry.

Among the highlights of the fellowship:
  • Visit the original offices of The New Yorker, where James Thurber's drawings used to cover the walls, then walk to the new office tower of Conde Nast Publications in Times Square and be turned away by the security guards because you don't have an appointment with David Remnick.
  • Visit the Algonquin Hotel, which once played host to the famous Roundtable of literary wits, including Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and George S. Kaufman. Enjoy your own witty banter with several tourists in sneakers and fanny packs. Use the restroom.
  • Stand outside Elaine's and watch the famous editors and writers go in and out. Stand outside Michael's and watch the famous editors and writers go in and out. Have a pretzel and a hot dog from a street cart.
  • Visit the plaque on the wall of the building on 26th Street that was built after the demolition of Herman Melville's house. Circle Washington Square reading Washington Square editions of Henry James and look at the house where he once lived, which has since been demolished and replaced by NYU housing. Walk one block south and visit the false, reconstructed fašade of the house where Edgar Allen Poe lived and imagine the rest of the actual house that NYU demolished for its law school.
  • Sit down with an editor from one of the conglomerate-owned publishers and enjoy a leisurely afternoon of reading profit-and-loss statements, marketing plans and corporate memos.
"We're starting this fellowship to showcase the cutting edge of New York publishing," says literary agent and fellowship co-sponsor Ted Weinstein. "Times change, and we're eager to show editors and agents from around the world the state of the modern American book business."

Melville House Books publisher and fellowship co-sponsor Dennis Johnson continued, "We mean to show that New York still welcomes struggling editors and publishers. In fact, if you become too successful here you might find an NYU building sitting on your chest."

All fellowship winners will be receive complimentary lodging at a Times Square youth hostel, a one week NYC subway MetroCard, a Circle Line cruise around Manhattan, and a coupon for dinner at Mama Leone's.

For more information about the fellowship contact:
- Dennis Loy Johnson, Publisher, Melville House Books, dlj @ mhpbooks.com.
- Ted Weinstein, Ted Weinstein Literary Management, tw @ twliterary.com

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